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The Pressure filters available in Soft tech standard Plant range are of two basic types, in terms of the filter media. Filters are available with either graded sand. Depending on individual merits, either one or a combination of both can be used for particular water.

The Soft tech Pressure filter comprises a MS pressure vessel containing the media, provided externally with piping & valves to direct and control the operation of filtering treatment of water.

An inlet distributor in the form of inverted bell-mouth funnel directs the inflow of raw upwards towards the top dish end to ensure even distribution across the surface area of the filter bed. Filtered water leaves the filter uniformly by means of a bottom collecting system, which also serves to distribute evenly the flow of water used to clean the filter. The bottom collecting system at the bottom, is a header with perforated laterals.

The filtering media is supported by layers of crushed graded gravel and pebble of specific size.

The internal & external surface of sand media filter vessel is painted with anticorrosive [epoxy paint]is used.

Pressure gauges at the inlet and outlet are standard fittings to measure pressure loss across the unit.

A motorized (timer base)operated multi-port valve fitted in a frontal piping to control the operation i.e. filter , backwash and rinse the filters. The valve supplied with standard design.


Fiber glass sand filter are constructed by the latest engineering technology. The improvement of flow ability provides an extra pure water filtration. The fiberglass winding designs allows the filter to have extra strength and resistance to chemical and corrosives

Soft tech fiberglass Sand Filters are the most recommendable equipment for the application of swimming pool and spa.

Internal surface of the tank is finished with water resistant resin
Spherical tabk with uniform wall thickness
All sand filter with oil pressure gauge
10- year tank Warranty ( For tank only )
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