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The industry is constantly asking for a higher quality of Demineralise water at affordable price. And Its found that, naturally available water is hardly suitable for industrial demands because of its dissolved contaminations likes number of mineral salts and compounds of Ca, Mg, Na, K & Fe carrying positive ions and So4, Cl, Co3, Hco3 and Sio2 etc carrying negative ions as well as organic and inorganic impurities.

The industrials requirement is a higher quality (dissolved salts free) of water, for the particular process formulations and utility of latest costly equipment, which cannot be satisfied by natural water sources.


Soft tech  Demineralisers are designed based on latest coast effective ion exchange technique of counter current regeneration. The units consist of two corrosion free pressure vessels internally connected in series. The first column containing Cation absorbing exchanger and second column charged with an anion absorbing exchanger. The water flow through the bed of  Cation exchanger then the bed of an anion exchanger. Thus the systems remove dissolved salts from water to a specified degree.

After using total exchange capacity of systems Cation and anion regeneration must be carried out. The Cation exchanger is regenerated with an acid and anion exchange resin is regenerated with an alkali solution.


Soft tech  Demineralisers consists of acid/alkali proof pressure vessel with internal fittings and initial charge of Cation and Anion exchanger, set of regeneration equipment, hydraulic ejectors, acid and alkali tanks and conductivity meter to monitor treated water quality. These Demineralisers offer a practical range of capacities and flow rates necessary to serve wide variety of applications.

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