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Product Specification :
About Salt Tablets:

Just as there are different kinds of salt there are different kinds of water, hard water can cause a problem through the build-up of lime- scale and magnesium in hard water systems and pipes which is why a water softener is an ideal investment when it comes to guaranteeing the maximum service life from domestic and other appliances.

Salt Tablets are used in water softeners to soften the water in industries, hospitals, hotels as well as households. Soft Water provides a range of benefits in our daily life. Soft water helps in reducing costs of serving, maintenance and replacement of boilers, dish washers, water heaters and pipes & showers and improves their life. Few benefits to highlight their importance in our day to day life are listed below.

Usage & Benefits

1. 1.5 mm scale reduces efficiency of your boilers by 10% which would increase power   consumption, maintenance cost and reduce life of boiler.
2. Soft water can clear up minor skin problems such as irritation and dryness which can lead to eczema.
3. Spend less time cleaning scale from sinks and baths and thereby reduces cost of maintenance and your equipments & fixtures.
4. Softened water will eliminate build up of lime scale in pipes and on heating elements found in dishwashers and washing machines which will improves their life and reduce maintenance and power costs.
5. Soft water reduces consumption of soap and detergent powder as it improves lather and cleaning efficiency. Bathing with soft water gives your hair and skin a soft and silky feel.
6. Laundry with soft water would help improve life and feel of clothes and reduce soap consumption.

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